Awakening the Soul - DVD

Awakening the Soul - DVD

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This is a DVD and booklet of Awakening the Soul qigong with Master Li Junfeng. The soul is the vehicle of the spirit in this realm. The clarity of the soul reflects the stillness of the spirit. Quality of life on this realm is determined by the state of the soul and spirit upon coming into this realm. It is possible to reconnect with one's original state at birth. Through the practice of Awakening the Soul, may all people experience the opening of the heart, the freshness of returning to the beginning, and the simplicity of once again becoming one with nature and the universe. Then, all can experience true love, understand life, and enjoy life fully - body and soul! All body types and fitness levels are welcome; from beginners and physically ill to advanced and fit practitioners. Health care professionals and body therapists can incorporate Li’s qigong into their practice.